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Probably no one would care about this, and is alright. I don't deserve so much of your attention.

Anyways, I haven't felt... Good lately. I got some pressure over me, from some people, and from some places. Some folk tried to took advantage on me, and well... Now I feel like wanting a time alone...

It may sounds unfair for the friends that do actually care about me, so, yeah... I know I am a terrible friend, and I am sorry, but even for me is hard to know what to do, but sometimes I feel like breaking and, friends that does try to cheer me up doesn't deserve having a friend still breaking after all that effort.

I am going to take a rest from DA, FA and the alike. Folk trying to interact with me asking me to do some stuff that I doesn't want to, and some other that seems to pester me with some stuff... And haters that sometimes came around are pretty tiring over time.

So, I was away, but now I'll be officially away. Mod won't be around for a while, so... Probably messages you send I won't be see then until I return.

See ya'. And sorry.
Hiya'! Moderator Note here wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

...Alright, I am way too late, but I was away from home, until today right now, I am back at my place now that holidays are over (Here in Mexico the January 6th is still a holday, a minor one, but still).

Does this mean that I am going to do art again? ...Eh, you know that I'll try... But no AT or collabs unless is someone trustworthy, I've done a few AT that failed before, and last time I did one... Well... I can't expect this artist to do his part anymore... No RQs because laziness.

Expect sketches.

About gaming? ...Well... I'll try to do some playing. You can find me as well playing Paladins: Champion of the Realm (Though the account is kinda owned by me and a friend, but if you add me, do not be afraid to ask if it is me).

Words about the 2016? Eh... Could've been worse... I am mostly afraid of the 2017, this year is going to be rough, and not only for me, but for the whole Mexican nation....

Beside that? I am tired, need to rest a lot.

Good luck, to all of you.…

Was my birthday, happy birthday to me. Ah, sorry for not being able to be here lately, I have to get another pc, also had a lil' reunion with some family yesterday, so... Thank you for the best wishes...~ Alive for another year... But ya' know, the bad weed never dies! Heh heh...

As news from my side? Maybe this week or next will be able to get another pc, probably not a brand new, but something to keep going... It will take ome money from my savings to pay my home that I already bought by paying monthly, but still, I can manage!

Umm... Stuff, sad stuff, angry stuff, a lot has happened, but I'll overcome all. I always do.

Oh, I received these yesterday, thanks to :iconnicdaburg:NicDaBurg, :iconboastudio:BOAStudio, :icongt31993:GT31993 for these...~
Commission - Mod's Birthday by BOAStudio
That reminds me how long I've been without playing TF2...

<da:thumb id="639278694"/>
Lollie has such sweet tooth... Also, Bonnie is my favorite~
Is just thet my pc is out of service by the moment... And honestly I am a bit lazy right now, so I actually hadn't worked on anything but a collab that I had tofinish somedays ago (I blame the hot weather for my laziness) but hopefully will be working on some pics, at least sketches for now... Umm...

Hi, I am alive, for now.
Kind of... I am still stuck doing my chores at home. Busy, but I can be around every now and then moments here.

Someone want to talk? Or maybe have a suggestion for me to do as a pic? But no, I won't draw your OC's, nor canon characters. If I have not ideas I might try to digitalize old pics that haven't been digitalized.

(I am only going to talk here in this journal's comment section) (Not art/RP requests)
Vent art.

No exactly care how awful the pics look, just want to scream out loud.

You don't want to see my stupidity? Well, ignore me, I don't care anymore how good or bad people think about me.

People always think whatever want to think about me, doesn't matter what I do or say.

I just won't let them take advantage from me again.

Also, not back, not at all. Soon, maybe. With vorish art and lots of vent art. Also replying some old post that people made sometime ago.

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